Los Angeles’s hospitality workers and businesses are facing a dangerous, irresponsible, and costly new threat –
The Homeless in Hotels Ordinance.

LA’s homelessness crisis is a product of decades of failed policies. Our government leaders must work to fix it, not put the burden on Los Angeles’s business owners with a flawed measure like the Homeless in Hotels Ordinance. The measure will only worsen the cost of living crisis in LA and hurt working families at a time when they can least afford it.

Places Hotel Staff & Guests in Danger

Los Angeles is experiencing a sharp rise in crime that has diminished our quality of life. The ordinance creates serious, new safety concerns for Angelenos — especially hotel employees and guests visiting our city.

  • Puts hotel employees at risk. Hotel employees are not equipped to provide the necessary services to support unhoused individuals who may be experiencing severe mental health crises or drug addiction.
  • Fails to require that the city notify hotel employees or guests if unhoused individuals are staying at the hotel.

Threatens Los Angeles’s Economy and Jobs

Los Angeles’s tourism and hospitality industry is a vital part of our local economy, providing life-long careers and supporting working families across the city. A recent independent economic survey confirmed the ordinance will be disastrous for LA’s economy:

  • $2.4 billion in lost economic activity for the city of Los Angeles.
  • Loss of 15,271 good-paying jobs in the tourism, hospitality, construction, retail, restaurant, and arts and entertainment sectors.
  • $1.3 billion decrease in visitor spending, just as our local and minority-owned businesses are still recovering from the devastating impacts of the pandemic.

Cuts Funding for Essential City Services

Los Angeles Hotels generate hundreds of millions of dollars annually in Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) revenue for the city’s general fund. This fund pays for things like Public Safety (Police and Fire), Roadway Improvements (Potholes and Traffic), and even funding for Homeless Housing. The ordinance undermines this critical revenue stream for the city of LA.

  • Creates a voucher program allowing homeless people to check into any vacant hotel room for the night and requires that the city uses taxpayer dollars as a credit card to pay for the room and any incidental expenses.
  • Discourages people from visiting Los Angeles according to recent nationwide survey, where 72% of respondents said they would not stay in a city that allowed unhoused individuals to stay alongside paying guests.
  • Threatens $231 million in state and local tax revenue generated by Hotels and the hospitality industry that Los Angeles depends on to fund essential city services.

Join Our Coalition

Please list me/my organization as a PUBLIC OPPONENT of the Homeless in Hotels Ordinance — which would place unhoused individuals in any vacant hotel room in the City of Los Angeles, even rooms that are next to paying guests.